Welcome to your certification mentorship sales & marketing toolbox!

Brand Story Video
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1. Webinar (Coming Soon!)

2. Webinar Enrollment
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1. Sales Scripts
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2. Enrollment FAQ
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3. How to Lead a Scale Session Video

1. Training Document
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2. Overcoming Objections Live Training

1. Joe Stumpf Training: Day 1

2. Joe Stumpf Training: Day 2

3. Joe Stumpf Training: Day 3

4. Joe Stumpf Training: Day 4

5. Joe Stumpf Training: Day 5

Client Testimonial Video
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  • Ways to Find / Enroll Clients
  • How to Host a Mastermind Meal
  • Outreach to your Network / Connections
  • Attend Events, Collect Connections, Send to Webinar
  • Trade Shows
  • Speaking at events
  • Hosting a Lunch & Learn
  • Referral from Newly signed members
  • Joint Venture Partners (Any other companies working with Business Owner Customers)
  • Social Media Posts

Potential Emails to send to Unqualified people who are interested.