Building Your Power Team Who Share Your Excitement About What You Are Creating Out There In The World

This is the 3rd and final show in a 3-part series of ‘Delegating, Hiring and Building your Best Team.’  When you are splitting at the seams, it means that you are personally taking on too much in your business.

You can motivate and lead your team to become INTRAPRENUERS; meaning, they give it the energy and passion as it if was their own business. Surround yourself with both experts and a team that share your positive attitude and brings forth great ideas so several minds are working in alignment.

Lead and manage with a few simple tasks; keep the company goals front and center, hold consistent meetings to stay connected, and allow the team to be proactive to reach the quarterly and annual objectives.

Create initiatives with a point person and a timeline to keep the team bonded so your company can be more productive and gain more revenue as a whole!  Remind your power team their creativity and commitment is key for everyone to achieve your Big Picture Vision.

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