How to Become a Great CEO, Build and Sustain Your A-Team and Grow at Scale

One day the world blinked and suddenly everything started operating in a very new and different way. We have truly entered a new era in the way businesses are being run today with the shift to virtual workforces and all things digital. To add to that, there has been a noticeable decline in people wanting to work for someone else. The Great Resignation will birth many entrepreneurs. (Whether they stay the course is a whole other story.) While this is true, today we are going to focus on why there are still plenty of valuable players out there just waiting to be inspired by the right company to join forces with.

Rather than focusing on how there just are no more good people to hire or your interviews have been unimpressive, have you ever considered how you might be portraying, not only your business to these potential hires, but your overall Company Vision? When you are interviewing a potential hire, do you even share your vision at all? If you answered no, then I think we have an idea on what your hiring issue really is. Please let me coach you for a moment because the issue may be you.

In a day and age where you have access to anything you want just by saying “Hey Siri”, people need and want to feel inspired! If you yourself are not fully clear on what your Big Vision is (hint, it is to Scale). I guarantee to you that no one on your team has any idea either. How do you expect your team to work at their full potential and execute tasks in the way you would like unless your team is fully committed to the company’s vision? When interviewing, share your strategic plan and core values – then ask what they have to offer to your team. That includes work history, skill sets, motivation and so on. It’s not just finding the right person for the job, it is also selling their journey ahead if they will be jumping in to work for you. THIS is why you hire a business strategy consultant like Pinnacle Global Network.

Do you bring your team in when brainstorming new ideas to expand your company’s vision? If not, you are really missing out on the opportunity to tap into your team’s genius to inspire them to carry your vision forward. As you take the steps to Scale, you want a team-managed company that can ultimately run and grow and Scale your business without you. Yes, without you! Since I have been taking one week off a month for the past 3 years, our business has scaled up even further and faster! Why? Because they are forced to take more ownership. And when your team takes ownership, they show up in full force! When they show up in full force, your company becomes more independent and attains Scalable growth.

Next time you are about to post a job add share the vision of your company, as well as what the culture is like. This will help applicants to know if they are the right fit for your team for the long haul. Ask yourself, “Are you being a leader that inspires your team daily? Or do you show up and just tell people what to do for 8 hours a day until you go home?” The latter is not considered leading, that is what we would call being a run-of-the-mill boss. A leader inspires their team to become a part of the actual vision.  A leader sees the full potential of their team and allows them the space for creativity as well as the flexibility to become part of the business Scale strategy. Give your team the freedom to create success in their roles and in your company and make sure they are taking care of themselves outside of the workplace! If your team feels overworked they may even feel afraid to express their needs. It is important as a leader to consider their needs before they hit burn out. When your team feels heard, seen, and respected, they are going to always want to give their absolute best.

Here are the top keys to building your A Team:

  • Big Picture Vision Clarity 
  • Share your Vision with your Team
  • Be a Leader not a Boss
  • Give your Team Creative Ownership
  • Share your Vision in Interviews
  • Appreciate your Team – little gifts of acknowledgement, take them to dinner, give them the day off after a big push…
  • Inspire your Team
  • Stay inspired as a Leader
  • Brainstorm with your Team for creative ways on How to Scale your Business. 

It’s all fun and games until at the end of the day you realize your pudding did not turn out the way you had intended. If you and your team are not clear on your vision, there is going to be a disconnect in every facet of your business. Connect, communicate, and brainstorm with your team as often as possible. As a CEO if you want to attract those A- Team Players, you have to show up like the leader of an A-team and lead with Vision at every corner of your business! If you are looking for a business mentor to help you along this path to scale your business, CEO mentoring from successful CEOs that have been there and done it is the fastest path to get there. Pinnacle Global Network is a one-of-a-kind mentoring company that will take years off  your scale journey  and give you your life back. 

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