How To Motivate Your Team Creatively

Businesses have greater competition than ever before. And it’s crucial to stay one step ahead of this competition, so innovation is of utmost importance. Yet, so is sticking to your vision. Apple and Starbucks are perfect examples. They have clear branding and a promise that is conveyed to their customers in everything they do. And they are continually finding new ways to express their creativity in their offerings. In my online Blast Off Business Blueprint Program for business owners,  I call this The Magic. You need to use the magic of inspiration for product development, refreshing your brand and creating new and different ways to market your business so that you don’t become stale and routine.

A vision that is continually improved and modified by innovation and variation will give you the edge needed to stand out from the competition. It is also crucial that your team is on board with your vision because they represent your brand and are the main point of contact with your customers. They are your business warriors! In order to get your team on board with your vision, you must promote innovation among your employees. One way to do this is by making the workplace a creative one. Now is the time to motivate your team.

If you feel like your employees and even yourself are lacking the creative spark needed to fulfill your vision, consider giving some of the following tips a try:

Paint the Walls

Color is the quickest way to affect people, and one of the most effective ways to promote creativity. White walls generally have a negative effect on employees and lead to complacency – especially under fluorescent lights.

However, painting a wall in full or giving it a few quick highlights of yellow, orange, or red can quickly boost employee energy and promote creativity. If one or more of your team members are artists you might consider letting them design the walls. We are moving to our brand new Blast Off Headquarters next week and there is not one white wall in the entire space. Color is the name of the game when you want a happier place to work!

Allow Time For Play

One of the reasons some employees lack creativity on the job is because they force their minds to think in the same patterns day in and day out. There is never any change, and therefore their minds don’t think in any other way. A good way to avoid this in the workplace is by allowing time for play.

Give your employees time each day to think in different ways – whether it be learning a fun new piece of software or putting together a puzzle in the break room. By breaking up the day and giving opportunities to problem solve in new ways, you will jog their minds to think more creatively, boost morale, and make your employees more productive.

Tear Down Barriers

When your employees are cooped up in cubicles, you keep them from interacting with their fellow employees. While this may seem like a great way to promote productivity, it is actually a great way to thwart creativity in the workplace. People work well together, and often, having the freedom to bounce ideas off one another – something an open-air workplace provides – can be a great way for employees to create new and innovative ideas. Think outside the cube with the new styles of workstations made with glass and collaborative functionality.

These are just a few examples–there are countless more that you can come up with and tailor to your specific office environment.

Just remember: if you want your business to thrive you must hire creative individuals and allow them to remain creative. Without creativity, innovation cannot occur, and without innovation, the fulfillment of your business will most likely lag. So let the ideas loose and have fun allowing those powerful brainstorms to arise!