Exponential Growth That Screams Gaga

How to Successfully Scale Up Your Business Like Lady Gaga

When it comes to savvy risk-taking talented female CEOs, Lady Gaga comes out on top. In addition to being number 4 on the FORBES Celebrity 100 list, Lady Gaga is a massive inspiration for individualists everywhere. This is nothing new of course, but what you may not be aware of, is Lady Gaga has added successful business scaling to her playlist. 

Besides being a top charted global popstar, fashion icon, and performer, Gaga also runs her own line of makeup called Haus Labs, which is now available in Sephora after a rebranding to ensure her makeup is clean. It is truly incredible to witness the massive success of a female powerhouse elevating her entrepreneurial career.
Here are 5 steps to success from CEO Gaga:

  1. With a net worth of $320 million, Gaga is obviously a big success in all of her endeavors, so it is no surprise she is now slaying the entrepreneur world. By making bold statements with a clear vision, Gaga has built a diabolical global brand for herself. She says that knowing your brand to your absolute core is one of the most important parts of growing her company at scale. Your brand is your voice and it must be in alignment with what you stand for in your company. 
  1. When you are clear with your brand, this will in turn make it easier for you to detect and speak directly to your target market. Gaga knows to keep her audience in mind when making decisions for her music and her make-up line. She knows that, at the end of the day, it’s about making her customer happy.
  1. Another one of Gaga’s key recommendations is building an all-star team! This is such an important piece for any CEO. You can create the vision, but you must have a great team to bring your vision to life. When you have a team that is aligned toward your vision, they allow you to focus on your genius zone so you can grow your company exponentially, rather than swimming in the minutiae that keeps you stuck. She recruited an expert leader on her team with Ben Jones as the CEO. Ben was formerly the Chief Digital Officer for the Honest Company.
  1. Connect directly with your customers. Be active on social media! Your audience is very interested in seeing you make it happen behind the scenes to feel a more personal connection to the creator. No need to get overwhelmed, just make sure you are producing some consistent content to keep everyone engaged. 
  1. Most importantly, remember to be your authentic-self. Gaga speaks from her heart. It is so easy to become overwhelmed or feed into daily stressors, but do your best not to lose yourself in the process. You are the creator and the visionary of your business. Do not be afraid to show the world your thoughts and imagination! The world needs more innovators and there will never be too many entrepreneurs. Gaga has made a mark for herself through her freedom of expression and she keeps that energy alive in every aspect of her growing business.  This is why her brand screams, Gaga!