Your New Sales Tax Responsibility – with Dena Oberst

Think you’re immune from paying sales tax?

You may need to think again…

On June 21, the Supreme Court ruling on South Dakota vs. Wayfair changed the sales tax game for any company that has customers or clients in other states.

To help make sense of the new regulations, this week’s Allie & You features leading sales tax specialist Dena Oberst, the president and CEO of Gable Tax Consulting Group, Inc., a full-service sales and use tax consulting group with over 25 years’ experience in sales and use tax compliance and consulting services.

Tune in here to discover:

  • How to tell if your company is affected by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Quill
  • When you’re really required to pay sales tax to the appropriate states (most companies mess this up)
  • Why trusting your accountant to guide on sales tax issues could be the mistake that kills your company
  • The biggest risk companies face when it comes to sales tax liability – and how to avoid this costly pitfall
  • What do to now to ensure you’re ready to for your potential new liability (and what to do if you haven’t been collecting what you owe)
  • And much more!

Watch the show here:

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