Running a Company in Just 10 Minutes a Day – with Mark Evans

Are you so focused on running your business that you forget to enjoy life?


Then check out this week’s Allie & You, where I interviewed Mark Evans, a.k.a. “The Deal Maker” and “Digital Nomad,” a 9-times best-selling Amazon author who has become an icon not only for building massive real estate and media empires, but also for how he did it…


…by traveling the world and enjoying life to the fullest, while delegating appropriately to A-list team members. In fact, Mark now manages his two companies while working only 10 minutes each day on each business.


Even if you’re not ready to delegate everything to your team, you’ll learn a ton about productivity and letting go when you tune in here to discover:

  • How growing up in an environment where everyone traded dollars for hours gave Mark the insight and motivation to do things differently
  • Key practices that empowered him to let go of most of his responsibilities
  • The family crisis that was the catalyst that launched him into a new way of running his company (you can do this type of reset whenever you choose)
  • The biggest myth that keeps most business owners trapped in doing more than they should
  • How to shorten your path to greater business success
  • How knowing and leveraging your unique ability can accelerate the creation of the life and business you want
  • Tips for creating a team that allows you to work mere minutes a day
  • The big difference between being busy – vs. being productive
  • And much more – watch the show now.

Mark will also share a handy tool to map out your unique path to $1 million a year (or more) in annual revenue.