Tim Storey Shares the Secrets to Cultivating Your Miracle Mentality

If you’re like many business owners, you’ve probably experienced firsthand the impact that negative thoughts can have on how you interact and make decisions — and how your team and business respond as a result. 

On the flip side, when you lead from a place of confidence and positivity, things seem to fall into place easily and naturally. 

Sound familiar?

It’s not a coincidence. Our minds have the power to shape our reality. Whether we realize it or not, our thoughts and beliefs set the parameters for what we will — or won’t — be able to achieve.
On this week’s episode of The Scale or Fail Show, we sit with acclaimed author, motivational speaker and life coach Tim Storey, who shares the secrets of cultivating the “miracle mentality” in an insightful Q&A session from our recent SCALEit Live event.

Watch the episode now to discover:

  • The reason why most people unconsciously keep themselves from cultivating a miracle mentality (and how to remove the mental blocks that are limiting you)
  • The 2 main reasons we often find ourselves trapped in a limiting mindset — plus the key to regaining your momentum 
  • How to shift from “setback” to “comeback” when you’ve stalled out (and how you can use that delay to your advantage)
  • What it really takes to cultivate a miracle mentality and step into your uncommon dream (Hint: simply believing in it is not enough)
  • The #1 mistake many business leaders make that keeps them from achieving their vision 
  • The importance of having the right people in your corner (and the 3 steps to setting boundaries for those that may be holding you back)
  • And much more

Achieving the life you envision isn’t a matter of waiting for your “big break.” It’s about taking one significant, life-changing step at a time. 

Tune in now for Tim’s most valuable tips, advice and nuggets of wisdom to help you break through limitations, unleash your potential, and start living your magical lifestyle. 

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