These Money Mistakes are costing you MILLIONS

Want to know ONE thing that can quickly:

  • Increase your revenue…
  • Make your business more efficient…
  • Help you make smarter, more successful decisions…

(But that most business owners totally avoid?)

Knowing. Your. Finances.

Since most of us CEOs are creative, “idea people,” it’s so easy to bypass the un-fun financial side of running a business — or, think that you’ve got it all under control and don’t need help. 

But the truth is, you could be losing thousands, maybe millions, in your business (even if you’re established and in the 7+ figures).

That’s why, no matter who you are, I really want you to watch this interview on The Scale or Fail Show with Andrea Jenson, AKA The Cash Flow CFO.

Andrea is an expert at helping all kinds of CEOs take back their power with finances, use them to make better decisions, and transform results… and today, she shares some of the biggest things you should know to get a better handle on your money.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why businesses start to hemorrhage money as they get bigger or scale up
  • What a “Financial Anchor” is, and how they help make better money decisions
  • The key to keeping your team’s spending on track without having to watch every expense
  • 3 major mistakes Andrea sees business owners make that cost them thousands
  • How to give yourself a salary every year (and still pay everyone else)
  • Why it’s actually really easy to make a financial plan than you think… and Andrea’s advice for quickly creating an effective one
  • And much, much more!

If you’re ready to make your finances work for you — and get back TONS of money you might not even know you’re losing — this episode is for you. Check it out!