The Perfect Daily Routine to Achieve WAY More (and Get Your Life Back)

Want to know ONE simple thing that can help you

  • Finally get the “important stuff” done in your business — while working less?
  • End your days feeling like your energy was put in all the right places?
  • Feel more effective, impactful, and confident… right now?

Then check out this week’s episode The Scale or Fail Show, where I talk to JuliAnn Stitick, CEO of Recalibrated Living.

A high-performance coach of 25+ years, JuliAnn has helped top entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders from companies Lexus, Nordstrom, Disney, Keller Williams & VISTAGE (plus, Oscar and Golden Globe winners) create even more success while getting their lives back.

In this episode, she shares how you can hit bigger goals and build a better life, simply by changing your daily routine.

Watch now to discover:

  • They key to creating your perfect daily routine
  • Why your routine can help you reprogram your subconscious, make you more confident, and create big breakthroughs you’re looking for
  • What every business owner must overcome (including JuliAnn) in order to work at a higher level
  • One question that can help you “shut up” the little voice in your head that’s holding you back from taking leaps and achieving at a higher level
  • An awesome story that shows how daily changes can totally elevate your life
  • How JuliAnn structures her day without sacrificing flexibility
  • The worst thing you can do first thing in the morning… and 8 alternatives to create an awesome, productive day
  • Why it’s so important to always dress for work, EVEN when no one is seeing you
  • And more

“The daily routines that we have in place are our insurance policy for when things are hard.” – JuliAnn 

You deserve to live a high-level life in every way… and if you want to be more effective, more fulfilled, and just plain happier every day, this episode will give you some simple ways to do it.

Watch the episode today.