Why Your Personality isn’t Permanent (and How to Change It)

Do you want to achieve at a super high level, but feel like you just don’t have “the right personality” for it? 

Like the go-getter personality, or the extrovert personality, or the confident personality?

Well, good news: 

Your personality does NOT determine what you can achieve. It’s not even permanent!

For example, when I was growing up, everyone knew me as “The Shy Girl.” It was my label to everyone, including myself. But now, I speak on stages, network with hundreds of people, and more. Those same people look at me and say they feel like they don’t even know me anymore! 

That’s because I stopped trying to live within the “The Shy Girl” label and started living as the person who would do the things I wanted to do.

Anyone can do that. Including you!

On today’s episode of The Scale or Fail Show, I interviewed the brilliant Dr. Benjamin Hardy, organizational psychologist and the author of Personality Isn’t Permanent, which debunks the pervasive myths of personality so we can redesign our lives and empower ourselves to achieve more.

Ben shared some eye-opening scientific research, plus awesome insight, that shows how you can break free of your limiting beliefs about yourself… and start thinking, performing, and living as who you want to be.

Watch now to discover:

  • Super common myths about personality that are totally WRONG
  • Why personality tests aren’t helpful (or even scientific at all)
  • How believing in a “fixed” personality hurts you and holds you back from creating the results you want
  • One important thing that will actually help you achieve at your highest potential
  • What you can do to start becoming the person you want to be
  • And so much more!

“When you know where you’re going and you know who you want to be, you can actually go through the transformative experiences that get you there.” ~ Ben

You can become the type of person YOU want to be, even if people have told you that’s not who you are. 

Don’t let anyone hold you back — including yourself!

Watch the episode here.