STEVE WEATHERFORD: Your Goals Aren’t Making You Happy (and What Will)

Let’s say you have a goal that you want more than anything to achieve… like growing your business by X%, buying a house, finding a partner, losing weight, etc.

You put your all into it, with one of two results:

  1.  Don’t hit your goal, feel disappointed, and hate where you are.
  2.  DO hit your goal, and realize you don’t feel any better, more complete, or truly happier than you did before.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. It’s called the “If Only” Syndrome… and here’s why it happens.

Most of us don’t realize that if you cannot be happy where you are, no achievement, person, or thing will ever be able to do it for you.

Happiness and satisfaction are always an inside-out job.

At the same time, as business owners, we 100% need goals. That’s how we move forward!

So how do you love your life now… and still achieve all the big dreams you have?

You can start by watching this incredible episode of The Scale or Fail Show with Steve Weatherford, founder of Weatherford Fit and formerly one of the best punters in the NFL.

From the outside, Steve seemed to have everything he wanted. But the moment he achieved his longtime goal of winning the superbowl and having one of the best games of his life… he realized that he still didn’t feel good or happy enough.

Knowing that his success had to come from the inside, Steve left the world of pro football, followed his passion, and is now a leader in the fitness industry (all while becoming happier than he’s ever been).

And on this action-packed interview, he shared his very personal tips to help you create a life of more impact, success, and JOY — starting right now!

Watch the episode now to learn:

  • Why feeling like an alien while growing up helped Steve become so successful… but never happy or fulfilled 
  • How it really felt to be “on top of the mountain” and achieve his dream goal 
  • Steve’s major realization that helped him get over his If Only Syndrome
  • The real reason it’s so important to focus on the process, and not just results
  • One question to help you quickly release ANY negative/unhelpful thoughts
  • 3 steps for creating a successful social media presence for your business 
  • A key thing that helps Steve and his wife run a thriving company, raise 5 kids, and still have a great marriage (it involves tequila) 
  • And much, much more!

“It’s not about chasing success, it’s about chasing significance. If you achieve significance, all the success in the world will be given to you because you’re solving problems for people.” – Steve 

Whether you’re a business owner or not, I cannot recommend enough that you listen to this conversation. Not only did Steve share amazing, heartfelt insight — he had me laughing practically the whole time.

P.S. Need motivation? Check him out at or text him at (949) 763-5934!