Marketing Strategies to Help You Scale – with 4 Pinnacle Business Mentors

“How can I improve my marketing so I reach more prospects and find more customers?”

That was, hands down, the #1 question heard during the complimentary mentoring sessions we offered at our recent CEO Success Network Retreat.

To provide answers, I invited four of my incredible Pinnacle Global Network business mentors – Giles Fabris, Chris Friend, Phil Black, and Jim Herrera — to take the stage for a marketing panel…

And on this this week’s Allie & You, you’ll get to see what they shared.

Tune in now to discover:

  • The biggest marketing mistakes that most CEOs make … and how to avoid falling into the same traps
  • Why you can’t afford to delegate your marketing completely
  • A clever way to repurpose testimonials and customer feedback to win attention and new customers
  • 4 questions to ask your LinkedIn connections to make the idea of talking to you practically irresistible
  • And much more …

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