Building a Vibrant Company Culture – with Kristi Herold

How do you get your team to be as excited about your company’s vision as you are?

Simple: Create an amazing culture.

To give you ideas on how to do it, today’s Allie & You features one of the amazing presentations from my recent CEO Success Network Retreat by Kristi Herold, founder of Sport & Social Group, the largest adult sports league in North America.

Kristi oversees a team of 200+ employees who take exceptional care of the league’s 130,000 members. Watch now to get her tips on building a culture that turns your team members into superstars.

You’ll discover:

  • Proven strategies to use during your interviewing process to find perfect candidates who will fit seamlessly into your culture
  • Ways to motivate team members to give their all and achieve company goals – while still having fun
  • The surprising reason why employees who regularly (and voluntarily) work overtime can be bad for your culture

How to tell if a candidate’s values align with yours – and why this may be the most important part of your interviewing process

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