Evan Carmichael’s Mission: To Change 1 Billion Lives

This week on Scale it Method, Allison talks with Evan Carmichael about what it takes to start a successful YouTube channel. Evan also discusses what he struggled with early on in his career and why he needed to align his own views and goals with his company. Evan’s mission in life is to unlock as many people as he can to help find the thing you can be the best in the world at and use it to have a major impact on the planet.

Topics Include:

• Evan’s struggles working at a software startup at the age of 19

• Making the tough decision to quit his first company

• Why it’s so important to have a coach or a mentor

• Aligning yourself with your mission statement

• The one thing holding most people back from achieving success

• Why following your passion and making money don’t have to be separate

• Everyone is going to suck at the beginning Put education in front of the sale

• Two tips for scaling your YouTube channel