Getting Clear On Your Strategic Vision with Garrain Jones

Allison speaks with Garrain Jones about the power of aligning your purpose with your business’ mission. They discuss how mission, vision, and values drive business success and how getting clear on your vision can align your team.

Topics Include:

•  The principle of extreme ownership

• How to call in your dream team

• Using life challenges to fuel your grow

• The difference between purpose and mission

• What Garrain believes our purpose is on this planet

•  Aligning your leadership around a strategic vision

• How mission, vision, and values drive business success

• Being a leader who creates leaders

And other topics

Garrain Jones, personal development coach, is using his own journey facing life’s most difficult challenges into a fulfilling career of helping others. He went from living in his car with $200,000 in debt to being one of the most highly sought-after personal coaches and keynote speakers. He became a self-made millionaire only four years after entering the personal transformation industry, and he has spoken in over 60 countries about his journey and his philosophy of purpose. Garrain coaches some of the highest performers in the tech industry through individual coaching sessions, silent retreats, and three-day workshops. He also released his first best-selling novel, Change your Mindset, Change your Life, in 2020.