6 tips get focused if you’re always distracted with Chalene Johnson

Do you feel like you could get a ton more done (and make way more headway in your business) if you just didn’t get so distracted?

Does it feel like you KNOW what to do… but you just can’t trust yourself to stick to it long enough to make it happen?

If that’s you, check out this episode of The Scale or Fail Show with Chalene Johnson!

Chalene is a multiple-time 8-figure CEO, fitness leader, marketing expert, and social media rockstar…

But as someone with ADHD, she constantly felt held back and like she was hitting a profit ceiling, because she was getting distracted by stuff that wasn’t moving her forward.

It was only when she made focus – not work – her #1 priority that EVERYTHING changed.

In this video, Chalene quickly shares the 6 simple changes that helped her blast through distractions and reclaim her focus – so you can use them to hit your “really big” goals, see results faster, and break through to next-level profits.

Watch now and learn:

  • Why time management doesn’t work – and what to use instead
  • How to know exactly what to focus on every day to hit your goals 
  • 3 things that will help you blast through procrastination before it even starts
  • One question that stops distraction in its tracks… and immediately redirects you back to what you really need to do
  • How to break your phone addiction once and for all, in one step
  • What Chalene did that kept her 100% accountable as she scaled her business 

Plus, she dropped 6 awesome ways to simplify your social media to see more results faster (like how to 10x your reach immediately with just ONE post!).

“Our reality is determined by our focus. Focus on the things that produce the results you desire.” – Chalene

Ready to make MORE by doing LESS? Check out the video to hear Chalene’s tips!