The Role of Execution When Scaling Your Business

Do you dream of scaling your business into a team-managed company… where your employees smoothly manage the day-to-day operations, while you’re free to work a reasonable number of hours, take vacations, reacquaint yourself with your family, and even pursue other business ventures?

If you’re like many business owners we help here at Pinnacle Global Network, your answer is a resounding “Yes” to scaling your business. But your current reality seems miles away from that vision of a team-managed business. 

Instead, you feel like you’re all over the place, working 24/7 in all areas of your business… without making significant progress.

Sound familiar? You have an execution problem… and the good news is that we have answers.
On this episode of The Scale of Fail Show, we’re shaking things up. PGN business mentor Louis Ortiz, the CEO of a $145-million luxury real estate marketing firm, takes the helm on hosting duties. And I hop into the hot seat for a frank conversation about how you need to overhaul the way you get things done — so you can finally achieve your dream of a team-managed business.

Watch now to discover:

  • Where execution fits into the SCALEit Method™, my time-tested approach for scaling businesses smoothly and steadily
  • Sure-fire signs that you and your team are falling short on execution — and practical strategies for addressing these shortfalls
  • Easy ways to tell if your problems with getting things done are related to execution — or if you really have a vision problem
  • What holds CEOs back from properly executing their visionary plans (and why your approach needs to change at each phase of scaling)
  • How to get past your fear of expanding your team… and the surprising way that CEOs end up costing themselves money in this arena
  • And much more

Most business owners get stuck in the comfort zone of being busy. But being busy doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re being effective – or moving toward your goals.

The SCALEit Method™ is about getting where you want to go as quickly as possible – and helping as many people as you can. Tune in now to discover my best tips for improving execution on your plan to scale your business.