Allison Maslan

An Entrepreneur’s Dream: How to Make More Time in your 24 hour day!

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned over the years is how to maximize my time, turn time into money, and have more time to spend with those I love. The truth is that I love my work and I could do it all day long because it is so fulfilling to me,…

What Mr. and Ms. Grounded Know about Life…Stay Grounded

What if you were able to stay grounded, no matter what your day threw at you? Take a look at the qualities and behaviors of The Grounded Woman and The Grounded Man. The Grounded Woman – Knows how to take a deep breath and a little time to calm down. – Is forgiving of herself in…

What Winning is Not About…Have A Winning Mindset

  What’s the difference between someone who wins big every time and someone else that is held back? It’s not about having the right degrees. You could have 5 PhD’s and still feel stuck. It’s not about winning the lottery or coming from a wealthy family. You can win it all tomorrow, but if you don’t have the winning…

Four Simple Steps to Keep Your Champion Tank Running Strong; Stay Passionate

For passion to sustain the long journey of your business and your life, it must have a front end and a back end. The front end of passion is the blossoming intensity from which your passion is directed. This exploding energy is powerful, yet fits you so perfectly that it supports you with ease toward…

What it takes to be a Champion in Business and in Life

This is dedicated to: The believer, seeker, survivor, visionary, idealist and pioneer who is impassioned to live the life of their dreams. It takes the kind of passion that is born deep within the belly. It takes the magical marriage of creativity and commitment. It takes continued persistence toward your dream when everyone is telling…

How to Get Your Mojo On?

MOJO means living your magic on a daily basis. MOJO is your special spark which keeps you motivated. It is the buzz of life that inspires you to believe in yourself and achieve goals beyond your wildest dreams. It helps you stay strong so you can power through your fears. You need it in business…

How To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone & Move Past Fear

Diary of my Shark Expedition….Yes, that is me and the shark. :)   My husband and I love to travel, and we share a passion for scuba diving.  The world under the sea is truly magical.  I became certified as a diver about 10 years ago and have had the fortune to dive into some…

Allison’s Roadmap to Success – Short-Term Goals vs. Long-Term Goals: Why You Need Both to Succeed

Have you ever had a big lofty goal or dream for your business
or your life? You put a lot of energy towards it, made great headway, yet
because of this big picture focus, you lost momentum in the important day- to -day projects
and responsibilities causing major overwhelm and chaos?
Or do you feel like you are stuck spinning in the short term
goals and projects, getting stuff done, yet only making it month to month without
the potential for the big time growth?
Your diagnosis: Too much focus on either the Short Term or Long Term Goals.
The remedy: You need to focus on both.

Allison’s Roadmap to Success- Tip#2; Just Say No

Allison’s Roadmap to Success-Tip #2 focuses on the practice of saying no. This practice helps to keep you in sync with your goals and desires and avoid distractions that can use your energy towards activities that don’t create personal forward movement. This teaches you to make true choices and feel good about your decisions.