Dreams Come True….

Bear with me. This is not my usual inspirational post. I felt the need to share a bit of good news…

My Book, Blast Off, Hit #1 on Amazon US and Canada!
Yes.Together,we did it.

I am still spinning from last week’s Blast Off book launch and touched so deeply by your incredible outpouring of support. As we watched the stats climb on January 19th to #1 on the best seller list in several categories on Amazon US and Canada (including entrepreneurial and hot new releases- entrepreneurial), and hit the best seller list in Motivational and Success books on Amazon US, Canada and UK. I was jumping up and down and screaming like a kid on her 5th birthday!  The experience has been completely surreal. Literally, a dream come true.

I assure you that this would not have happened without you. I can write all day long, but if no one buys my book and reads it, my words will just sit on the page and not impact anyone.

Click here to read more about my book, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan To Launch Your Dreams Into Reality.

After 2 years of intense dedication to my Blast Off book, Workbook and Blastation software, it has been incredibly gratifying to get this phenomenal response. We often put our heart and soul into something, (and some blood, sweat and tears), and wonder if anything will come of it. So allow me be a mirror for you. If you stick with your dream and give it the passion and effort it needs to grow, you will flourish in your personal life, your work, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is not about money. It is not about the accolades. It is about the personal satisfaction you’ll receive from giving your very best effort, regardless of the outcome. The rest is the cherry on top.

I just wanted to send you a giant heartfelt thank you. As I said before, the power of a group moves mountains, and in this case, Mount Everest shifted at least a mile! Now I cannot wait to hear your thoughts once you read my book, and hopefully lots of great personal and professional stories of change. Please send me a note. I truly hope Blast Off! lights a fire under your feet to take action and embrace your life goals and visions.

Here is what one reader just e-mailed me:

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful book! It is fantastic, inspirational and presented in a way that I think all readers will understand, regardless of their journey. I am sure your book will touch many people’s lives.”  ~ Julie Santella

Join my Facebook Fan Page and check my website for dates and event information. I am looking for someone in each city to head their own Blast Off Launching group. I will be back in San Diego in between each stop to take care of my wonderful homeopathic and coaching clients, and my awesome husband!

Much love and gratitude,