80 days and counting until my Blast Off Book Launch..In The Creative Zone

So many people have asked me, ” Where did you find the time to write a book with your busy life?” I had always envisioned myself taking two months off and hiding away in some rustic cabin with no interference from the outside world. I would just disconnect from everyone and everything and get into a writing frenzy until the book was done. Well, that was never going to happen, nor did I really want to do that. I have a family that I enjoy spending time with and many homeopathic and coaching clients that I enjoy working with. And disappearing for two months is not my reality anyway. In my book, Blast Off, I teach the reader how to create their deepest dreams while living in the real world. So disconnecting from society while creating my own dream did not seem like a good fit.

So I set a more realistic goal for myself and wrote for an entire year. Did you know that if you write only one page per day, you can finish an entire book in one year? If you think about the gargantuan process of writing an entire novel or non-fiction book, it can seem overwhelming. But when you break it down in small increments like I did, it is very doable.

I spent time in my practice during the day and wrote a bit each evening and weekend. Starting the first page was the hardest part, but once I was able to get into the mental zone of writing, the hardest part was stopping the creative flow to go to eat or sleep! It was a very intense time for me. As I was writing for hours, it felt like my hands had taken a life of their own. It was as if the information was flowing out of me that I had no idea existed. The entire process was completely cathartic and enlivening.

If you have experienced anything like this then you may relate. You begin to have a love affair with your creative process. Whether you are building a house, painting a portrait, or writing a book, you are part of the birthing process and creating new life.  Your goal is to complete your vision. However, the most meaningful part is the development of your vision. Once it is complete, you feel an amazing sense of satisfaction. But then you have to close the book and say goodbye.

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