66 days and counting…You Can Live Your Dream

For the past 15 years I have been in the field of helping people progress to a better life. As a homeopathic physician,  I have seen clients move from despair to embracing life, from pain to living with peace and ease. I have been blessed to be a healing force for many families and have delighted in watching their children grow into amazing young men and women. As an entrepreneur of 9 businesses, I would say that I have a knack for business. I love the challenge and creativity that business yields. Coaching was the perfect evolution for me to offer my healing and business capabilities to others to find their path to success and fulfillment.

I am driven to help people find their potential within themselves and the world around them.   It is truly is a source of frustration when I see that they are holding themselves back from living a much more joyous life full of love and opportunity.

That is why two years ago this February, I sat down to write my book, Blast Off! I want people to understand why they limit themselves from feeling consistent joy in their careers, relationships, personal and spiritual lives. I want them to understand that they can move past living in survival mode and move to a state of abundance. In my book, Blast Off, I teach how to make this powerful shift as I share my step-by-step formula to turn your dream into reality. Blast Off is strategy meets inspiration meets creativity meets clear direction.

So many people come to me to make a change in their lives but have no idea what that could be or how to make it happen.I love that! It is like watching a beautiful masterpiece unfold when I help them tap into all their unseen possibilities and then pull them through my Blast Off Formula to bring their work of art to fruition in life and in business.

My personal dream is that my book, Blast Off!, will inspire and teach millions of people to move past their roadblocks and give them the guidance to make their dreams come true. Nothing would give me more joy.

For the past two years, I have given this book my heart and soul, now I am doing everything I can to get the word out. Anyone can live the dream. You can do this!

Click here to read more about my book, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan To Launch Your Dreams Into Reality.

I invite you to comment on this blog. I would also love to hear the dreams that you would like to achieve.

Celebrating your health and prosperity,


NOTE:  My book has been published since i originally wrote this post.  You can read more about it here:  Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan To Launch Your Dreams Into Reality.