Three Ways You Can Defeat Fear!

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My goal is to help people push past imaginary boundaries and defeat a powerful force that holds many of you back. It’s called Fear and it’s one of our minds’ most powerful creations. In fact, if you let it, Fear can completely take over your life and cause you to hold back on your goals, both in your businesses and your personal development.

Almost without exception, fear is either from the past or anticipation and worry for the future. This prevents us from living in the moment and thriving. It clouds our mind and holds us back from being creative and successful. Quite literally, it takes hold of your soul like something out of a horror movie!

It’s nothing to be ashamed of: Fear is a human emotion that triggers a fight or flight response within us. Fear is a biological truth. It can’t be eliminated but it can be CONTROLLED and RELEASED in healthy, productive ways. Here are three strategies to accomplish that:

Survive for 20 Seconds!

Accept that the fear is there and Move Forward Anyway. The scariest part is the beginning, when you must proceed against all the biological instincts screaming at you to Give Up. Be brave! If you face your fears for just 20 seconds, the fear will melt away, I promise. Even though I’ve been on stage many times, I still get butterflies at the beginning of a presentation. But once I can get past those first 20 seconds, I’m in the clear!

Live in the Present Tense

The second way you can release and defeat your fear is to live and function in the present tense. Remember: the past is gone! It’s just constructed images of memories in your head now. Don’t let those images control your reality. The only thing we really have is right Now. This is our life–right now. So when you start creating these stories in your head, bring it back to the Now, and that will help you to ease your fears. This also works for managing your anticipation of the future, which can be just as fear-provoking.

Downsize Your Fear

The third thing you can do to control fear is empower yourself. If you’re letting your fear hold you back, you’re letting that fear gain power over you. I have a visualization exercise for you: take your fear, no matter what it is–finances, relationships, new careers, etc–and shrink it down to something small. You should tower over this fear now, overpowering whatever the issue is that frightened you. Use your internal energy to shrink this sphere and downsize your fear.

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