Allison’s Roadmap to Success – Short-Term Goals vs. Long-Term Goals: Why You Need Both to Succeed

Tip #3

Have you ever had a big lofty goal or dream for your business or your life?  You put a lot of energy toward it, made great headway, yet because of this big-picture focus, you lost momentum in the important day-to-day projects and responsibilities, causing major overwhelm and chaos?

Or do you feel like you are stuck spinning in the short-term goals and projects, getting stuff done, yet only making it month to month without the potential for the big time growth?

Your diagnosis: Too much focus on either the short-term or long-term goals.
The remedy: You need to focus on both.

In order for you to grow as an entrepreneur, you need to have a vision for the next level in your business. You need to have a creative, strategic plan in place that is developing and moving you toward higher levels of achievement and success.  Maybe you are working on the newest widget that will take the tech world by storm?  Or maybe you are so close to discovering the cure for baldness and plan to add it to your savvy hair product line?  This idea development, what I refer to as ‘The Magic’ in business, is crucial for your expansion in your marketplace.  At the same time, if you only focus on the long-term, the Big Kahuna, you will begin to lose traction in your day-to-day business needs, such as cash flow to pay your office expense and staff. Not good.

I am a true entrepreneur. A trailblazer of sorts as I have built 9 of my own companies and mentored hundreds of others to do the same. In my own journey, it took me a while to really understand the importance of this concept.  My deepest passion is helping people find their true calling and guide them to express their gifts through successful business.  One of the important rules you must understand in Business 101 is that your entrepreneurial entity needs to turn a profit. If it’s not, it won’t be long for this world, even if you have invented the miracle cure to wrinkles. So keep your eye on the dream and the pulse during each business day. It can often feel like a juggling act, but with practice, you will become a gifted, profitable and high-flying juggler.

This is one of the reasons I invented my web-based software, The Interactive Life Coach,

I wanted my clients to have a fun, inspiring and easy-to-use tool that would help them create their beautiful Big Picture Visions, make them easy to attain by breaking them down into baby steps I call “Mini Feats” and at the same time help people continue to keep the steady business flowing in on a daily basis.

Keep moving forward and don’t lose focus on any goal, short- or long-term.  YOU deserve to succeed!