Inspiration From My Father

I don’t usually write long posts, but I was so inspired by my visit with my dad today that I wrote this right after I left him. I hope it inspires you, too….

My Father, the Helper

My father built and ran a very innovative women’s clothing chain for many years. At one time he had over 50 locations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Memphis and West Virgina. Over time, he had big successes, and big losses, too. He learned to maneuver in the ups and the downs. In my recent visit with him this week, he told me that his business had been very rewarding to him. I asked him what was the most rewarding part about it, and he replied, “Helping people.” Since my dad sold women’s fashions, I was a little perplexed as to what he meant. Was it helping the women look and feel better? Was it helping his over 500 employees by giving them a nice place to work? So I asked. “Helping them what, Dad?” He said, “Helping people have momentum to move forward in their lives.”

Revelation! Ahhh. That was a light bulb moment for me! I always knew that I learned business from my dad, but I wasn’t sure where the deep desire to help people move past their obstacles and create a rewarding life for themselves came from. In that moment it all made sense to me. Not only did I now understand where my intense (sometimes over the top) drive came from, but in that instant, I received clarity on my “why.”

What I Learned

In business you are vulnerable. You put your brave self out there every single day. You have big dreams and goals, and when the wins happen, it’s exalting. And there are those challenging days, when we get mired in stress or fear, or we worry that something is not turning out exactly the way we want it to. And sometimes, it just doesn’t. We have goals for big accounts and higher revenue. Yes, all those achievements are crucial for a business to grow. Yet, when you look back on it all, as my dad now has the luxury of doing at age 83, when all is said and done, the most rewarding part…is helping people.

Whether you sell insurance, cupcakes, car parts or furniture, or you coach people to grow their businesses or fly on the trapeze, you are giving people something to move them forward.

So the next time you feel stuck, or you are going through some stressful times in your business or your life, just focus on what really matters….Helping people create momentum to move forward in their lives. And strangely enough, you will start to see momentum for yourself, as well.

Thanks, Dad. I love you.

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