Elena Cardone: The Secret to Running a High Level Business… With Your Spouse

It’s hard enough to run a successful business with a partner. And when it’s a life partner? Things are even tougher.

However, it’s absolutely possible — and still have an awesome marriage, too. 

I can tell you this from personal experience… It took me years to convince my husband to work with me, but now that we’re collaborating, it’s made us even stronger!

Want to know how? Check out this episode of The Scale or Fail Show with Elena Cardone, founder of Build Your Empire University.

Elena runs several highly successful businesses (including a $1.7 Billion real estate portfolio) with her husband, Grant Cardone. They have a thriving business and relationship… 

But it wasn’t always that way.

A self-identified independent woman who had her own career as a successful actress, she was forced to trade in that “independence” for teamwork to help rebuild Grant’s business when it was shattered by the 2008 recession.

And now, she’s more successful than ever — helping women around the world step into their power and create their own empires in business, life, and love.

Watch the episode now to learn:

  • Elena and Grant’s secret for running a 9-figure business together (and still having a great marriage)
  • One common belief about women and success that held Elena back for years
  • Why getting married and “giving up” her independence actually made her more independent — and successful
  • How to turn your most negative experiences into a positive impact on the world
  • What Elena does to deal with people who criticize or try to tear her down
  • Why you should go WAY bigger than you think you need to with your goals
  • And much, much more!

“I had to be open to the fact that maybe a relationship could lift me up and make me stronger.” – Elena

If you want to learn how to tap into your power and the power of your relationship to grow your company, this episode is for you!