Secrets for Scaling Quickly – with Dan Handford

We entrepreneurs are notorious for being able to spot opportunities… which is why most of us have multiple business ideas bouncing around in our heads. Yet relatively few business owners are able to scale their companies – much less create multiple thriving businesses. That’s why I interviewed serial entrepreneur Dan Handford for this week’s Allie & You. Dan is the owner and founder of 5 specialty medical clinics in South Carolina; host of the daily podcast, Tough Decisions for Entrepreneurs; and a wildly successful real estate investor.

Secrets for Scaling Quickly

Tune in to discover his secrets for launching and scaling multiple businesses in record time.You’ll discover:

  • How Dan has built a $115 million+ real estate portfolio in less than a year
  • The most common block that stops business owners from achieving the success they could – and should
  • How to reign in the “bright shiny object syndrome” that derails most entrepreneurs
  • Tips for maintaining a strong success mindset – especially in challenging times
  • A surprising reason why failure can be good for entrepreneurs
  • Keys to successfully running a business with your spouse or partner
  • Dan’s top 3 pieces of advice to help you scale your business quickly and soundly … so you can move onto a new business if you want
  • And much more

If you see business opportunities everywhere you look and know that what you’re doing now is only one of many businesses you’ll lead, you’ll love this interview.

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