Leadership Lessons to Scale Your Business

As the top dog in your company, everyone looks to you for direction. It’s easy to enjoy the feeling of command and authority. But if you want to scale your business, resist the urge to maintain the ultimate control. Or it simply won’t work.

To grow your business beyond yourself and into a team-managed organization, you need to shift into a leadership role. This means allowing your team to step up and take ownership for many of the tasks you’re likely doing now.
During this episode of The Scale or Fail Show, I’ll share some of the most powerful and effective leadership secrets I’ve learned while scaling 10 businesses in the past 35+ years. Taking my typical role as host is my dear friend and Pinnacle Global Network Mentor Phil Black. Phil has committed his life to helping high-level business owners overcome their biggest mental blocks and unlock their full potential, training more than 4,000 people and Fortune 1000 management teams in leadership and strategic coaching.

Watch the episode now to discover:

  • The biggest differences between being a boss and a leader (surprise – it’s actually harder to be a boss!)
  • The 2 distinct types of vision a leader needs to have to successfully lead a company (hint: it’s not just about your company’s goals)
  • What you, as the leader, must do if you want your business to pivot (without this critical move, it simply won’t work)
  • 3 things you can start doing today to evolve into a stronger leader … and why vulnerability and authenticity can give you a leg up

Leading your team through the process of scaling your business is a bit like parenting. You have to teach and mentor, without micromanaging and while allowing your team the space to make mistakes. The stronger you become as a leader, the more your team will rise to the challenge – and the faster your company will grow. Discover the secrets here.