Improve Your Marketing… While Spending Less – with Estie Rand

Do you want to reach more leads and clients… but you don’t have a fortune to spend on marketing? Then you’ll love this week’s Allie & You interview with business consultant and coach Estie Rand, the CEO and founder of Strand Consulting and host of the Business Breakthrough Podcast. Estie is a born entrepreneur who started her first business when she was 10. Tune in to discover how she created a 6-figure consulting business in under 2 years… while mothering 5 kids… and with ZERO ad spend – plus much more!

Marketing Success

Some of the many things you’ll learn include:

  • The important thing to know about balancing business and life
  • The #1 stumbling block that freelancers face when trying to scale
  • A surprising way to determine which marketing strategies and channels will work best for your business
  • What marketing really is… and how it relates to sales
  • A proven 4-part marketing framework to help you maximize results
  • Which types of businesses absolutely MUST be using LinkedIn
  • 5 things you need to succeed when using LinkedIn for marketing
  • And much more

Estie is also giving away a free guide that reveals 137 promotional strategies to get the attention of any audience at any budget.

Get your copy and Estie’s powerful tips for ramping up your marketing here…

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