Increasing visibility and traffic – with Vivienne Wagner

Do you want to increase your website visibility and traffic – without spending a ton of money on advertising? Then make sure you check out this week’s Allie & You interview with SEO and social media whiz Vivienne Wagner, founder of Houndstooth Media Group, a fast-growing digital marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs build online visibility – affordably.Vivienne’s team is working wonders at helping my business increase our organic search results.

Increase Visibility

Tune in for her tips and discover:

  • Which organic marketing practices you need to drive traffic to your site
  • Powerful questions to help ensure that your website speaks to the right audience
  • 2 pages that every site needs to have to make Google happy
  • How the digital marketing game has changed in recent years… and where organic search fits into today’s mix
  • The biggest misconception about search marketing and how it holds entrepreneurs back from fully leveraging its power
  • A huge social media mistake that many business owners make… and how to avoid it
  • And much more

Vivienne is also giving away a resource that lists the best organic SEO practices to use in 2019.

For details about how to get your copy – and to take advantage of Vivienne’s brilliant advice – tune in now.

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