Getting Unstuck After Death (and Other Losses) – with Christina Rasmussen

Have you ever experienced a significant loss – of someone you loved or something about which you cared deeply — and then just felt stuck, unable to go back or move forward? It is normal to feel this way, and can be difficult to break out of. Tune in for this week’s Allie & You, where I interview my good friend Christina Rasmussen, acclaimed grief educator, best-selling author of two renown books, Second Firsts and Where Did You Go?, and founder of the Life Reentry Institute.

Christina’s husband died at a young age — a loss that left her understandably feeling lost and paralyzed. But she found a way to get “unstuck” — and she’ll share her insights here to help you not only move forward — but to positively thrive in the new life you envision for yourself. Watch now for a look at how you can more easily move on after loss using a neuroscience-based treatment.

Important discoveries you will make after listening to Christina Rasmussen are:

  • What the “Waiting Room” is… and how to get yourself unstuck after a loss
  • Ways to transition from your ordinary life into the miraculous life
  • Why our brains continue to operate out of fear after a loss — and how to rewire yours to make decisions based on inspiration and passion
  • How to use the “Observer Effect” to manifest the life you envision for yourself
  • And much more…

getting unstuck after a loss

Loss is a part of life and comes in various forms, including the loss of a business. Although this interview with Christina Rasmussen focuses on moving past the death of someone you love, you’ll discover so many insights you can apply to any type of loss. I know I learned many wonderful coping techniques from her that I can apply to other kinds of losses in my professional life as well.

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