Creating Your Big Picture Vision

Can you quickly and easily describe where you want your company to be 3 to 5 years from now? Chances are… no. For most entrepreneurs, defining their vision is something they’ll get to “later” – after all the fires have been put out and to-do lists are completed. (But we all know that never happens, right?) Unfortunately, a lack of defined vision is what will keep you stuck, hinder company growth, and even contribute to lack of team engagement. To learn why – and how to harness your vision to inspire your team, tune in to this week’s Allie & You.

creating your big picture visionBig Picture Vision

I’ll share some of the important insights about company vision that I’ve gained after 35 years of running my own companies. Tune in now to discover:

  • How vision correlates to your ability to prioritize, focus, and get things done
  • Where most business owners trip themselves up when they start working on their visions – and how to get past this common sticking point
  • The most important element of your vision – and how it will help you stay focused and motivated when surrounded by chaos and emergencies
  • How to use your vision to inspire employees to take ownership of their role within your company
  • The best launching point for starting to craft a vision for your business
  • Why getting your team to buy into your vision is vital to your ability to successfully and quickly scale your company
  • And much more

Developing a strategic vision for your business is the first step in my proprietary SCALEit Method™ for scaling a company. After using this system to take 10 companies from startup to the high 7 and 8 figures, I can assure you… your vision is where it all starts. Let’s get clear on where you’re headed.

What you’ll discover on this show is just a taste of the many lessons shared in my new book, Scale or Fail: How to Build Your Dream Team, Explode Your Growth, and Let Your Business Soar. This book is chock-full of the hard-won insights I’ve gained over the past 35 years. And as the only book on scaling written by a woman, also presents a holistic approach to scaling … so you can grow your business while actually enjoying your life. Get your copy now!

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