How To Get Clarity On Your Big-Picture Vision

You’ve taken the step to launch your company and are braving the world of entrepreneurship. But before you can take your business from entrepreneur to enterprise, there is one very important step to cover first. You must create and implement your strategic vision, or what I like to call your “big-picture vision.” I’ve supported thousands of entrepreneurs in breaking through perceived barriers to success, and it all starts with getting clear on your vision.

Getting Started

In order to hone in on what your big-picture vision is for your company, start by asking yourself two questions:

  1. What do you want to create with your business?
  2. How far do you want your business to go in the world?

In answering these questions, look at where you’ve come from, what passion drove you to launch your business and what goals you’ve had thus far. What has worked? What feels like it might need some fresh direction? Give yourself space to reflect and envision a powerful future for you and your company. Schedule some time to unplug completely, and take a walk in nature. Studies have shown again and again that this kind of personal time is ideal for emotional health and creativity, so use this to jumpstart your big-picture vision.

Your Big Picture Vision

The simple truth is that in order to move from meager growth to exponential growth, you’ve got to think big. Allow yourself to envision a time in the not-so-distant future — say three years — where your company and your life are flowing and thriving in exactly the way you want. Here are some more leading questions to toss around in your creative mind as you work on honing your vision:

  • What unique skills make you the very best at something?
  • How much are you charging for your products/services now? Should you be charging more?
  • How many employees do you have? How many do you need for your company to achieve exponential growth?
  • What will your employees ideally be saying about working for you in this future vision?
  • What will your clients be saying?
  • How is your company perceived by the public in three years time? What is the media saying about you?
  • How will most of your time be spent in relation to your company? How much personal time will you have?
  • What will your gross revenue, net profit, salary and other key financials look like in three years time?

Once you imagine where you want to be in life and career, focus on making that a reality. Picture it as if it will absolutely manifest. Allow doubt to fall away, and put all your energy and enthusiasm behind making this dream a reality.

If you’re wondering where to start in manifesting this big-picture vision, giving yourself creative quiet time — like the nature walk I mentioned — is key. If you stay in worker-bee mode, with your head down, mired in whatever work is in front of you that particular day, it will be next to impossible to create the kind of growth you need to succeed.

Create a big picture vision

Once you’re clear on where you want to go, the steps to achieving those goals will start to fall into place. You’ll be amazed at how this happens. Your clarity of vision will begin to attract the right people and opportunities to you so you can easily align yourself with your ideal future. Conversely, those people and opportunities that do not fit with your big-picture vision will fall away. This is natural and normal, so don’t be afraid to let some things go to make room for what you really want.

Once you’re clear on your vision, make sure everyone knows it. Share it with your employees, friends, family and other key people in your life — so much that they may even tease you about your passion for this vision. Don’t take it personally; take it as a sign of your dedication. Creating that big-picture vision, then living and breathing it each day, will propel you to your ultimate success.

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