Clearing Emotional Blocks That Keep You From Your Potential, with Lisa Thomas

Do you feel like you are being held back from creating the success in your business that you know you are capable of? Perhaps you need to break old energy cycles that could be holding you back from that success… this is so important! That is why I invited Lisa Thomas, Founder of Beyond Cellular Healing, to be featured on Allie & You.  Lisa is a Transformational energy healer who has dedicated her work to clearing emotional blocks that keep people from realizing their potential. Through her work, she lifts fears, negative patterns, habits, limiting beliefs and more by releasing inherited energy.

Clear Emotional Blocks that Keep you from your potential

On this episode, Lisa explains how we are made of energy and that when your energy is blocked, it slows you down physically and emotionally. It is not always a clear pathway, just like how hitting a wall can hurt you. When energy has been stuck in a certain area, it can prevent actual blockages in our daily lives. She has a new book coming out called Mistakes into Money How to Let Go of the Past, Create Your Most Powerful Present and Build Your Life, Love, and Financial Blueprint to be Extraordinary.

Tune in to my interview with Lisa Thomas to learn her tried and true techniques that will put you on the path to clearing emotional blocks. This important information will help you in both your personal and professional life.

You’ll discover ways of clearing emotional blocks such as:

  • Why people have a fear of failure or fear of success.
  • How we inherit energy from our ancestral lineage and why the way they lived their lives affects us today.
  • What are some of the common blockages people have around money.
  • What we can do to better understand why we have specific behavioral patterns and habits.
  • And more!

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