How to Scale A Business Fast: Building Your Plan

The Scale

What does scale your business mean, exactly? Sustainable growth that can continue even when you aren’t making every critical decision and seizing every vital opportunity personally.

How do you measure up?  Where do you fall on the scale?  Every business owner, every entrepreneur wants to measure up and top the scale.  

A millionaire CEO looks beyond that scale, and instead learns about scaling for success.  It’s time to scale up to act the part! And, from my experience, the only way to do that is to plan ahead.

You need a strategic business plan to scale your business to match its exponential growth.  But, I have something amazing to share with you!  All it takes is a change in mindset to realize success at scale.  So, take a step back with me.  Infinite potential and indefinite results await, if you only think bigger from the start.


Not all business models and business plans were created equal.  And, promising exponential growth, scaling your business to the next level, up to six- and seven-figure income or more, is an empty promise without a plan to make it sustainable.  That is where learning how to scale your business for success comes into play.  Take it from me, Allison Maslan, the scale is important.  Walk with me, and I will tell you why.

“To SCALE is to strategically plan ahead for EXPONENTIAL growth.   It is to REPLICATE, MULTIPLY, and SIMPLIFY for healthy growth.  That is HOW to scale your business for SUCCESS as a millionaire CEO.” Allison Maslan

So, what does it mean to scale your business for success?  What is it to be scalable?  Scaling means healthy growth.  We are targeting growth based on replicable systems, where your client base increases without increasing your overhead at the same pace.  We are pinpointing a strategic business plan that matches exponential growth with incremental increasing costs.  

Trust me – I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs just like you – to “make it,” you need to focus on scaling up the business.  But, where do you start to scale-up and begin to become a millionaire CEO?

 Scaling your business starts with a clear picture of the future and strong plan for success.


Don’t get ahead of yourself.  This is not one of those times to act first and ask questions later.  There are questions to ask yourself now, before hitting your stride and entering headlong into massive growth.   

Creating a strategic business plan that will scale your business for success requires knowing what you offer and where you can go.  Whether you offer products or services or both, you need to plan for your business.  Here are four questions to ask yourself now:


For your industry specifically, what does the future hold?Take a step back.  Are you set up, with your  current business model and growth strategy, to fit the direction your industry and its leaders are taking?  Choose to act like a millionaire CEO now – match your business to your plan.  If you do, success (revenue, clients, the competition) can be yours!


We already know you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur – you’re doing it!  What I am asking you to evaluate is: Do you have the capital and systems in place to handle massive growth?  If the answer is “No,” then you are not setting yourself up for success.  Future-proof your business now with the necessary infrastructures and ensure you have the funds to take the leap.

Want some guidance as you build a foundation? Consider the transformative power of coaching from the experts at Pinnacle to scale a business fast.


Wondering how to scale a business fast? The most realistic way to reach that goal is with a timeline that accounts for challenges, obstacles and setbacks.  What are the different moving parts?  Break it down to projects, tasks and benchmarks.  Set up timelines for each.  And then, create a realistic timeline for the big picture. This is the only way you can successfully and sustainably scale a business fast.


Never lose sight of your vision, every step of the way.  This includes planning for business’s future and the growth to come.  Does your strategic business plan set you up to be a millionaire CEO in the future?  Think bigger so you can act bigger!


It’s time to dive in!  It’s time to scale up, not down, and, maximize, not max out.  Not every business owner makes it to the finish line for the kind of success that I am talking about.  But, if you’re still reading, you are an entrepreneur with a zest for success!  You are ready to embark on the journey with me – to be that millionaire CEO who learns how to scale for success.  With over three decades of experience, and 10 successful businesses on my track record, I want to share my roadmap with you.  


Scaling your business to the next level is not a strategic business plan built on demand or around it.  Yes, the demand for your product and services plays an essential role, but it is not the only indicator for when and factor for how you plan to scale-up.  We are after a progressivel business plan and growth strategy, not a traditional one.  A millionaire CEO asks themselves…

Do I want a lifestyle business?  Or, do I want a product or service that’s replicable and could run itself at a very large scale without me being there?

Scaling means anticipating demand, not reacting to it.  From the beginning, you should build a scaled approach into your plan.  Plan for success, plan for demand and plan for exponential growth!  It just makes sense to project forward with forward thinking, rather than work backward with backward thinking.


A structure is nothing without a strong foundation.  The building block to scaling your business for success is a simplified business model.  Go back to the basics!  Work towards delivering a consistent experience and a predictable set of results from your product and services.  

Please know that when I reference consistent and predictable, I mean an experience that is outstanding, delivered time and time again, and replicable through established systems.  If you achieve that for your clients, not only will you earn loyalty, grow your client base and attract high-end clients, but you will be left with a scalable model.  Only then can you truly take advantage of exponential growth and obtain the massive return on your investment to match.


We are not aiming to reinvent the wheel, but you are aiming to be a cog in that wheel.  It is not only acceptable, but preferable, to be a cog in the system and play your role if you want to scale your business for success.  Once again, I am telling you that you cannot and should not do it all!  In fact, one of the best indicators of a successful scalability platform is not depending on any one individual.  

A good measure of a company’s ability to grow infinitely and indefinitely is how independent it is of any one individual’s input.  This is not to say that hiring and retaining talented employees is irrelevant, but if your business is truly offering systemic services or products, the absence or replacement of any individual team member should theoretically have almost zero impact on the company’s success in the long-term big picture. Learn to play the game and play your role.  Practically every Fortune 500 company is structured this way.  Take tips from the best and adapt it to your model!


As they say, and I say, perspective is everything when you are scaling your business for success!  Look beyond the tasks at hand and projects on today’s to-do list.  What are you truly trying to accomplish with what your business has to offer?  Is there a system for that?  

And, yes, build in fail-safes that circle back to that objective.  But, also evaluate what your next move is to grow, evolve, and take it to that next level.  Exponential growth as a millionaire CEO is just around the corner if you can empower yourself to see the bigger picture and take calculated risks.  You just might surprise yourself!


Scale your business, and you will measure up!  Success is on the horizon if you only choose to scale up and plan for exponential growth.  No strategic business plan is a one-size-fits-all, and not all growth strategies were created equal, but the bottom line is that you have to plan ahead to take advantage of the massive results that are sure to follow.  

Think big by taking a step back.  Act bigger by acting simply.  And, don’t forget to create a system!  Replicate your success and your revenue will multiply.  I know you can act the part of a millionaire CEO if you plan ahead for your next breakthrough.  To your success!


Pinnacle is here to support you as you work toward realizing a scaled, sustainable and successful business. Get in touch with our team to learn more!

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