How to Shift from Surviving to Big Time Thriving!

In earlier years of feeling stuck and unfulfilled as a single mom, I officially hit a major impasse on my life path. I had no financial support, no inheritance looming, and zero in my savings account. The way I saw it, I had three choices:

1.  Cave into the pressure, stay stuck, and allow life to continually overwhelm me.

2.  Resort to the same habitual ways of doing a job (or making money) that continually left me feeling emotionally flat and worn out.

3.  Step out into the big unknown world, face my fears, and aim for a life with purpose.

To this day, I’m so thankful that I dug deep, gathered my courage, and opted for Door Number Three. Ten companies later, I can say that the unknown has been worth every single scary moment.

So many people stay immobile and stick with Door Number One or Door Number Two because they feel that nothing is worth risking the security and stability of a lifestyle that they feel familiar and safe with, even if they’re miserable. I’m not criticizing this choice. Only you can determine the right path for you. There are real issues of responsibilities, the cost of living, education, and retirement. I get it. Remember, I was there.

What I can say to help quell your fears is that when you’re following your passion, the excitement and momentum you expel can create a financially rewarding outcome far above and beyond your survival consciousness. The key is to move from survival thinking to abundance living. 

As long as you continue to take the same survival actions that are based in fear, your results will not change. The reality in every aspect of your life is birthed from your belief about a particular situation, and the intention and actions you take regarding your situation.

Try this experiment. Say the words, “I am tired of of feeling stuck, broke and overwhelmed.” Repeat this statement five times.

    • How do you feel in your body as you repeat this phrase?
    • Do you feel your shoulders slump forward?
    • Do you feel heavier, as if there is a weight on your chest, shoulders or back?
    • Do you feel tired or anxious?

Now repeat this sentence five times, “Money is flowing effortlessly and easily to me, and the Universe is taking care of all of my financial needs.”

  • Do you notice an energetic shift in your body?
  • Do you feel lighter and more uplifted with a sense that change is on the horizon?
Pay close attention to the words you use on a daily basis. When you continue to talk about not having enough money or your current limited reality, your body will react in a negative way and honestly, from my own experience, you will just create more of what you don’t want.
Instead, visualize and feel where you want to be and what you want to create in your life right now. And when the survival thinking arises, use every ounce of focus you possibly can to shift to prosperity thinking. Begin making decisions and actions from where you want to be, not from where you are at. This will create forward momentum like nothing else.
As my father has always said, “let go of what is not working, and start doing more of what is!” Then take massive action every single day toward your dreams. This is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received for shifting from scarcity thinking to abundance living? Please share it below.

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