Are You Playing BIG In Your Business?

What do you think the difference is between someone who makes millions of dollars with their ideas and someone with virtually the same set of ideas who barely makes anything? You might say ‘action,’ and yes action does play a role in taking a fantastical notion out of your head and making it a reality. But there’s something else…Watch this video to find out…

Are you playing small or are you playing BIG in your business and life? If you’re playing small, you’re limited, you’re only sharing your message with a few people, or maybe you’re not even putting yourself out there at all. If you’re playing big, if you’re playing to win–which is the way I like to play–you’re in it to help as many people as you can and you’re trying to get your message out in a big way.

When you treat yourself small, there’s only so many people to reach and money available to make. You need to break through your ceiling and make yourself a much bigger player in your industry and in the world.

‘Playing it Big’ is also about making big decisions that will help you grow and gain momentum. Stop reacting to life and start designing it.