Allison Interviews Kevin Thompson, Founder of The Partnership Playbook

You’ve heard of “six degrees of separation” (or its variation, “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”), right?

The concept is that any two people on the planet are six or fewer acquaintances apart.

It’s exciting stuff for a business owner! Just think … the person who holds the key for that big problem you’re trying to solve … or who can introduce you to your dream client … or who can help you find that perfect addition to your team is just a few key connections away.

The trick is leveraging your existing network to connect to the right people. That’s where Kevin Thompson comes in.

Kevin creates positive change on a global scale by facilitation connections between increasingly influential people. He’s been the trusted connector for high-level entrepreneurs for over a decade and the introductions he’s made have been worth millions.

This week, he’s joining me on Allie & You to share a few of his insights and strategies to help you make more – and better – connections for your business.