Transform Your Life in 12 Minutes a Day – with John Mitchell

If the idea of transforming every aspect of your life through a simple, 12-minute daily exercise intrigues you, then check out this week’s Allie & You interview. We are speaking with John Mitchell, the founder of Think It Be It, a human performance company for high achievers. John is known for developing the top practical application of the concepts outlined in Think and Grow Rich, the world’s best-selling book on success and achievement.

12-Minute-a-day Technique

The science behind John’s 12-minute-a-day technique was profiled in Time magazine… and can transform every aspect of your life, from your career and finances, to your health, relationships and spirituality.Watch the interview to discover:

  • The 2 most critical ingredients to success… and how John’s technique automates the cultivation of these habits
  • The real reason that most people never achieve their goals… and what you can do daily to bypass this obstacle
  • 4 core things to feed your subconscious mind daily to make it faster, easier and practically guaranteed to achieve the results you want
  • What separates high achievers from people who are only moderately successful
  • A key question to ask yourself that will supercharge your efforts to achieve greater levels of success
  • Why your brain and inner conversation naturally focuses on the negative… and how to effortlessly reorient yourself toward the positive
  • And much more

If your goal is to create a multi-million-dollar business, this interview will reveal how to get out of your own way – and launch yourself to the next level.

And… John gives away a free course that walks you through his 12-minute technique. Watch now for download instructions…

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