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Our 8 Greatest Hits from The SCALE Virtual Retreat – from Kara Goldin, Lisa Nichols, and MORE

My team and I had a BLAST with all of our incredible guests at The SCALE Virtual Retreat last week!  Even though it was completely online, this year turned out...
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Four Simple Steps to Executing Your Roadmap

These past few weeks, I have introduced several of my SCALEit Method™ concepts to help guide you along your scaling journey. We’ve covered Strategic Vision, Cash Flow, Alliance of the...
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What Is Your Super Power?

Every business owner has a Super Power—and I don’t mean strength, speed, or even “Spidey” sense. I’m referring to the four Super Powers (aka “super pros” or “quadrants”) of your...
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The Secret to Staying the Course with Your Business

As a small business owner seeking to grow revenue and profit, are there some days where you feel like “the little engine that could” from the children’s story? You keep...
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Customer Personas: 6 Steps to Target Your Ideal Client

Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus once said, “Consumers are statistics. Customers are people.”  As you are focusing your business, it is crucial to understand who your ideal customer is.  Different...
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Blast Off To A Brand New Life!

Are there any areas in your life that you are limiting yourself to? Be totally honest. In your career, is there something you would just LOVE to be doing, but...
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Anticipation: Day 108 of Countdown to Blast Off Launch
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Do You Have A Soulful Business?

Does your business have soul? When your business is an expression of you at the deepest level, combined with passion and meaning that is of value to you, it has...
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What Life Changing Choices Are You Going To Make?

Stop for a moment and ask yourself these three powerful questions about life changing choices. ★At this very moment, are you who you want to be? ★★Is your daily life...
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