Anticipation: Day 108 of Countdown to Blast Off Launch

Remember those times as a child when you were anticipating an event that was so unbelievably exciting, you could hardly stand it, such as your birthday party or going to Disneyland? Your enthusiasm would bubble up inside. Meanwhile, the days went by so slowly. I remember being ten years old and anxiously awaiting going to summer camp. It was only three days away and I was so excited.

I was also perplexed at the sense that as the time grew nearer, the days seemed to be getting longer and longer. I told my mom, “I’m counting the minutes until Saturday and why is it taking forever to arrive?” I had figured out that once I went to sleep that night, I’d only have two more days and one more night left until I would be at camp. “What if I just stay in bed ’til Saturday,” I said. “Then it would only seem like one more day until camp, instead of two.”

My mom responded with some advice that has stayed with me to this day:

“Allie, never wish your days away. Cherish every single one… because if you wish them away, you may miss out on something wonderful.”

As we age, time starts speeding up and those long anticipatory days happen less and less often. Instead of having time to wander in your backyard and dream of being an astronaut or a veterinarian, you barely have time to figure out what to cook for dinner.

I am consciously savoring every moment of every day. I am also setting a very clear vision of Blast Off as a best selling book and a very direct pathway for all you dreamers out there to turn your hopes and longings into a concrete, tangible abundant reality.

I invite you to join the discussion of making your own dreams a reality.

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