What Is Your Super Power?

Every business owner has a Super Power—and I don’t mean strength, speed, or even “Spidey” sense. I’m referring to the four Super Powers (aka “super pros” or “quadrants”) of your business and helping you hone in on the area where you shine the most.

When you started your business, you were probably wearing every hat from product development to marketing to sales to operations. But now that the company is off the ground and you are trying to scale it, you must ask yourself: Can you afford to be stretched so thin controlling every single area, whether you are good at or not?

The answer: You need to focus on your Big Picture Vision and the one part of the business where you excel above the others. That’s it. Drop everything else. You may think you are “the best” at everything, but that is your ego and need for control speaking. No matter what you do or how superhuman you think you are, scaling a business is a positively monumental task. The workload becomes so extraordinary that no one person can truly be “super” at more than one thing at any given time.


In your company, you may have at least ten different departments: Admin, Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Legal, Finance/Accounting, Manufacturing, IT, Fulfillment, and Human Resources. To help simplify things, I have condensed them into the following four distinct Super Powers:

  1. Revenue Streams: This is everything that your company produces, offers, and sells.
  2. Traffic: This Super Power is all about how you bring customers and clients to your door. In other words, marketing.
  3. Sales: This is all about conversion. Many times companies will lump marketing and sales together. The truth is, they are two distinct aspects of your business. One drives the business to you, while the other converts it into a sale. This is a very important delineation because you might be spending a lot of money on marketing and driving traffic, but you’re not getting the conversion that warranted all of that expense. In the reverse, it’s possible you are getting plenty of conversion, but don’t have enough leads coming to your door. Both are equally as important.
  4. Operations: This quadrant consists of anything to do with your team, the systems that support them, and finance.


Now that we’ve condensed 10 departments into 4 quadrants, ask yourself, “Which one of these four is my personal Super Power?” I hereby grant full permission for you to choose just one and devote your full energy and attention to it. I’m not suggesting that you don’t care about the other areas or that they aren’t important. Your strengths are your gifts—and where you will find your greatest happiness and success. When you can play to your strengths, you become more focused and engaged. You can experience higher levels of innovation and creativity, instead of ripping your hair out working on your weaknesses.

Not only do I give you permission to spend all of your time and energy on your Super Power. I also grant you the authority to promote or hire the best people to drive your weaker areas. You need all four areas of your company supported, directed, and humming along smoothly—and only the best people will get you there.

Ultimately, you will need to replicate everything you know about your three non-super areas. In other words, expect to train someone else so that you can step back. Otherwise, you will get lost in the weeds and your company won’t scale to its fullest potential.

By following these simple practices, your company as a whole will have four Super Powers and the most fail-proof business in your industry. This is how you build a self-managed company. How freeing is that!  Need more help with delegating tasks?  Try our free video training.


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