What Life Changing Choices Are You Going To Make?

Stop for a moment and ask yourself these three powerful questions about life changing choices.

At this very moment, are you who you want to be?

Is your daily life full of things you want to do?

Are you attaining the goals and fulfillment that you want to have?

If you can answer “Yes” to each question, congratulations! You have either inherited or designed a life process that is working for you. In your case, the Blast Off! principles will only enhance your already satisfying journey. On the other hand, if you’ve answered “No” to any or all of these queries, let me ask you one more very important question…

Do you want to be at the same place you are now, with the same frustration, the same struggles, and the same complaints, one year from now or even ten years from now?

If the thought of being at this same juncture of your path, personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually, ten years from now does not light a raging fire underneath your feet for moving toward transformation, then your fear of changing must be greater than your desire for it. If this is your story but you’re still game, find inspiration with the Blast Off! Program which can help you push past your fear and enter a more exciting state. And if your fire has been ignited, let’s work together to infuse your life with the magic, joy, love and prosperity that you so deserve.

Fifteen years ago, I asked myself that same question, “How would I feel about being in the same place ten years from now?”

Honestly, the thought of remaining stuck and frustrated with no movement forward on my life path made me nauseous. I had spent so much time fighting for what I wanted in relationships and in my career that I didn’t know what else could be done. All I knew for sure was that the combination of a passionless relationship and a career without meaning was absolutely killing me. Let me clarify … it wasn’t actually the relationship or my career that was killing me when I needed to change. It was the negative, tainted energy I owned around those two areas of my life, and the manner in which I chose to expend my energy toward them. The fact is that I was completely responsible for creating my own misery. No one else. I made the choice to be in that relationship.I chose the career. And I also chose to allow them both to affect me in a negative way. Hearing myself complain and wallow in my own anger, sadness and stuckness was draining and, in the end, only bred more anger, sadness and stuckness.

The way I saw it, I had two choices:

1. Either I needed to accept my circumstances while making the best of them (which was not an option)…

2. Or I had to make a change (which is what my soul was crying out for me to do).

Watch this short video and learn:

How to Find Inspiration From A Place Of Stuckness

Find inspiration by joining me over the next several months and I will share with you how I turned my life from the bottomless pit to flying high. (Literally. Besides becoming a successful entrepreneur, I became a trapeze artist!)  I will guide you down your own path Blast Off Path of Passion and Meaning. Please share with me your insights and experiences once you begin to take action on your own Blast Off Path.

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