Identify and Disconnect from Energy Drainers Now! Positive Energy

You are focused on growth in your business and your life. The last thing you need is to be drained by drama or negative people. You know the ones. There is always a crisis or something bad happening in their lives. It’s not that I don’t have compassion for these people. Otherwise, I would not be in the healing profession. However, if you’re focusing on creating wealth, abundance, passion, and positive energy in your life, the fastest way to let the wind out of your sails and lose your momentum is to spend your valuable time with energy drainers.


Identify and Disconnect from Energy Drainers Now!

Like energy creates like energy. Have you had the experience of being in the presence of an energetic, uplifting person? Just by standing next to this person, you’ll begin to feel uplifted yourself. By the same token, have you experienced your energy drop through the floor when you’re in the presence of someone who possesses intensely negative and heavy energy? Next time this happens, observe how you start to slump over and feel heavy yourself!

Right now, you need all the positive energy you can assimilate. When you surround yourself with inspiring people who make the most out of life, it will only help to encourage, support and celebrate the realization of your Big Picture VisionSo, start by identifying those energy drainers in your life. At this stage in your business growth, you need to spend less time with these people. Find those that will uplift you and allow them to do so! Focus on growth and surrounding yourself with positive energy and you will see a difference!

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