Dreams Are Mere Fantasy Until You Start Taking Action To Move Them Into Reality

It’s time to take your dreams off the shelf and start taking action.

It’s easy to sit back and talk about your million-dollar ideas, but what are you actually doing about them. Hope is great, but unless you intend to back it up with all-out movement, don’t bank on them.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big believer in manifesting your dreams. I have done this in my life over and over again. I have created millions in my businesses and even attracted my awesome husband to my life. However, I have had so many people say to me, “Allison, I am meditating on attracting my ideal clients, getting my business out in a much bigger way and it is just not happening. So I say, “What action are you actually taking?” And then there is a long pause of silence. Which usually means, not much!

To grow the business of your dreams it takes solid intention, implemented strategy, the conviction to succeed beyond belief and massive action.

Its time to TAKE ACTION.

Entrepreneurs are creative beings, but we can often get distracted by the next shiny object and thrown off track. By breaking your big dreams (I call Big Picture Visions) into tiny Mini Feats, which are small steps of accomplishment that you take every single day, you are able to move consistently toward your big goals without the stress. If you do 3 of these steps every day, in just one week you are already going to be 21 steps closer to your goal!

Here are some Action Steps to take right now…

  • Keep reconnecting your daily goals to make sure you’re on track and accountable. Sometimes even the most motivated people need someone to keep them on track with difficult or challenging goals.
  • Surround yourself with people who support your ideas, goals, and lifestyle. Negative energy can easily seep in and create fear. If you are not careful and aware, the low frequency can destroy your dreams and goals.
  • State your goals and commit out loud to someone close to you that you intend to make it happen. This proclamation of intention is a commitment to yourself, to your support system and to the Universe that you are already in the process of attaining this goal.

Hire a mentor that will reconnect you with your dreams, create a winning plan for your business success, and stand by your side to bring them into your reality. A powerful mentor will keep you accountable to your commitments, give you clear direction, as well as support and motivate you to make it all happen.

Don’t let your dreams fester in your sleep. Wake up and make them real!

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