Profit or Passion? with Michelle Perkins

If you had to choose, which would you pick: profit or passion?

I ask because for most business owners… it really feels like an either/or choice.

Either we hit our first 7-figure year, or we enjoy our job.

Either we make our quotas, or we light up when we think of our company.

Either we go global this year, or we get to have fun while we work.

But what if I told you that you don’t have to choose? Or even that you shouldn’t?

What if I told you that just by shifting your mindset and creating a new story (especially around money) you could explode your profits and reignite your passion?

It’s easier said than done… but totally possible.

Which is why I’m so excited for today’s expert guest on The Scale or Fail Show, Michelle Perkins.

Michelle Perkins is the CEO of Limit Free Life, a coaching and personal development company designed to help men and women create financial prosperity and freedom, while doing work they love. As an MBA and a former CPA and corporate business consultant, she now specializes in lifting barriers to success by uncovering underlying money beliefs and paving the way for a better relationship with money.

If you suspect your money mindset needs a makeover, this is the episode for you!

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Watch now to discover:

  • Michelle’s career path of not-quite-right-fits, from psychology to law to finance
  • How Michelle suddenly found herself in major debt (even as a trained CPA) and what she did to get out
  • How realizing her own money hang-ups led to her coaching practice
  • Michelle’s #1 most important step for changing the most stubborn money beliefs
  • Why your beliefs about money translate to every other part of your life
  • Your personal money archetype, which can transform your finances
  • How to create a career you’re truly passionate about AND profit from
  • Much, much more!

I’m so happy to share this episode with you. Besides being a sharp, savvy business owner with plenty of experience, Michelle is such a warm and supportive teacher.

Make sure to watch this today!

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