Leverage HR to Scale Your Team with Dave Ulrich

The management of people is not new. We see a picture of the pyramids of Egypt and are reminded of how a Great Wonder still stands. Humanity has always leaned on leadership and project management skills to realize the smallest and biggest plans. 

This episode on The SCALEit Method®, “Father of modern HR,” and management guru Dave Ulrich highlight that modern management of people is no longer just about hiring and paying a workforce but ensuring that human capability inside the organization is realized. 

Do we have the right talent? 

Do we have the right team?

Do we have the right leadership to serve our customers better? 

Tune in to this insightful new episode ▶️ Leverage HR to Scale Your Team with Dave Ulrich.

Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️HR is not all about the policies and admin stuff. Dave challenges leaders to ensure that managing their HR means ensuring that people and systems create value for others. “We want a team or a culture that reflects what we promise our customers. We want leaders to have the knowledge and skills customers would want. The real differentiator is having the right people, the right team or culture, and the right leadership.”

✔️ Dave Ulrich explains the ultimate test of one’s leadership. Assess: Do they feel better or worse about themselves when someone walks away from an interaction with you — whether they are employees, customers, or a whole bunch of other people? 

Leadership is not just about your skills and vision but the ability to help others feel okay about him or herself. That’s the true test of using your power to empower others. 

✔️The best companies reinvent themselves not by looking back but by looking forward. They are concerned not only with what customers want to buy today but anticipate what will get them to buy in the future. 

✔️ The intention of where you’re going and what you’re creating is the most important thing as a CEO. How do you lead in a world of uncertainty? If you know that you value the people who work for you and the people you serve, that alone will help you navigate the world of business with sound decisions and foresight. Vision gives you the power to be deliberate in creating a future others don’t yet see.

✔️ Dave cites 4 things to pay attention to make a great team. Ask 1)Do we have a clear purpose? Assess if everyone on the team understands the vision, purpose, and shared agenda. 2) Do we have good governance? Consider decision-making processes, how often people meet or manage meetings, and all the governance stuff. 3) How well do we get along with each other? Part of getting along is liking each other and getting along in managing differences and conflicts as a product of cultural diversity. 4) Are we learning and improving? Assess whether the team’s strengths are improving and whether people learn and make improvements when mistakes are made.