Train Your Billion-Dollar Brain

Building your dream team and scaling beyond eight figures is more than just the strategies. My dear friend John Assaraf, one of the world’s leading behavioral and mindset experts, joins the SCALEit Method® and drops incredible insights on reprogramming your brain and tapping its capacity to create billions.

John founded NeuroGym, a research development company that helps people retrain their minds for optimal performance. He’s written two New York Times bestselling books, founded five multimillion-dollar companies, and was featured in the 2006 smash hit film The Secret for his knowledge of the power of visualization. ️

Train Your Billion Dollar Brain with John Assaraf

✔️John learned the value of mentorship and setting life goals when he started his career at age 19 selling real estate. His origin story inspires and challenges those who hear it. Having failed English and math, he didn’t think he was smart enough to succeed. A realtor took him in and gave him confidence that he could be anything. He made $30,000 in his first year and 5X the following year. John borrowed belief from a mentor that empowered him to believe in himself.

✔️The fear of asking for help is a self-image challenge, not an intellectual challenge. Most people don’t ask for help, thinking that it is a reflection that something’s wrong with them. For John, people who are smart enough know they need help. 

✔️Scaling to millions is like figuring out the hardest Rubik’s Cube. You can work tirelessly to solve it, or you can learn from somebody who’s done and already figured it out. Hard work doesn’t necessarily equal the results you want; doing the proven steps does. 

✔️Practice makes permanent neural patterns, then visualization is a simulation. You can never go wrong visiting your vision for your life, says John. Train your brain every day by reviewing the beliefs you would need to achieve these goals. See, read and listen to it over and over. The subconscious mind works like a thermostat. If you’re conditioned to earn $50,000 a year, even though there are $100K chances here or $500K opportunities there, you get stuck like a thermostat that has a setting for a specific temperature. If you don’t reset the thermostat, it always returns to the initial temperature.  

✔️ Change is a threat to the brain. When our brain perceives change, it deactivates the motivational set of the behavioral center. It’s easier to master your comfort zone than master change. That’s why people get stuck. It’s not that they can’t. They don’t understand how they need to change the behavior so that the behaviors required at $10M, $25M, or $100 million are also aligned with how the brain is programmed to operate automatically. 

✔️ Commit to doing something new for 100 days. Recent research in neuroscience says that it takes approximately 66 to 365 days to change or create a pattern in the brain and become the new dominant pattern versus the decades-old ways that are locked and loaded and operate automatically. Agree to 100 days to create and reinforce behavioral change and build the foundation. What do you need to believe? What do you need to feel? What do you need to do? Implement in the next 100 days to cement this new thought, belief, and behavioral patterns.