Replicating Yourself and Building a Team – with Melissa Woods and Tammy Moore

“I’d love to build a team. But nobody can do what I do the way that I do it.”

Sound familiar? Then be sure to watch this week’s Allie & You.

I’m sharing the interview I did with Melissa Woods and Tammy Moore at my recent CEO Success Network retreat. Both woman shattered this particular ceiling and went on to create multi-8-figure businesses within a few short years.

Melissa, the founder of JW Tumbles, a children’s gym, went from daydreaming about going out for milk and running away to Mexico, to growing her business into 40 locations in 5 countries worldwide.

Tammy launched her family’s first restaurant, Pat & Oscar’s, in Carmel Mountain Ranch with 8 employees and went on to open 18 stores with their team of 1400 employees. She sold a majority of their shares to Sizzler International for 23 million dollars. Over the next 2 years, she and her team built an additional 10 restaurants before exiting the business.

Melissa and Tammy are both mentors with my Pinnacle Global Network. Tune in now to get their scaling secrets.

You’ll discover:

  • How to overcome the most common challenges of building a team
  • An innovative way to systematize your business so that anyone can replicate the magic you think only you can deliver
  • 4 effective ways to find the right people for your team
  • How to apply the Rule of 3 to interviewing to make sure new hires are a fit
  • Insights into creating a company culture that inspires your team to achieve your big vision

Melissa and Tammy are two of the smartest businesspeople I know – and invaluable members of the Pinnacle Global Network business mentoring team. If you want to hit your 5-year goals in as little as 12 months – and you’d like CEOs who’ve already made the climb help you do it – this might be the community for you. I’ll tell you more here.

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