Learn Faster and Remember More – with Jonathan Levi

Would it help you to improve your memory and retention of everything you learn

… and do everything you can to help others remember what you teach them?

Then you’ll love this week’s Allie & You interview with my dear friend Jonathan Levi, an online educator, podcaster, author and angel investor.

Become a SuperLearner

Since 2014, Jonathan has been one of the top-performing instructors on Udemy, with his course Become a SuperLearner™ (now retired) earning him over 60,000 students. He has since snowballed this success into the launch of his rapidly growing information products company, SuperHuman Enterprises, which produces such products as the award-winning Becoming SuperHuman Podcast (2 Million+ Downloads); the bestselling “Become a SuperLearner™” print, digital, and audiobooks; and numerous online courses.

He’s also the founder of SuperLearner Academy™ and Branding You™ Academy, two private, online academies where he teaches premium-level masterclasses in accelerated learning, productivity, and entrepreneurship.

I asked Jonathan to share his insights on building powerful online courses – and his hacks for improving memory. Get ready for some exciting ideas…

You’ll discover:

  • Why it’s so challenging to learn and retain information
  • 3 things that make your brain pay more attention to what you’re learning (if you speak or teach, including these in your presentations is essential)
  • A proven process for memorizing names – and the secret that makes it work
  • The types of questions to ask when meeting someone new… and how it helps you remember names
  • The 2,500 year old memory technique that makes memorizing a speech super simple… and the dangers of using it
  • Why online courses are one of the best ways to scale a company… and why they’re better than books
  • Jonathan’s best tip for marketing online courses… and much more

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